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What's your favourite time of the day?

Can we take a guess at MIDNIGHT????

Yes... we all love that magical and mystical time don't we?


The hour when all the witches dust off their brooms and take to the moonlit skies amongst the flapping bats!

What a vision to behold right? Or could it just be the effects of the gin?!


Either way, we have to agree that the dead of night is quite simply a wonderful time of day!

And to honour the dead of night we bring you our wonderful Witchig Hour Dress.. .the perfect gown for spooky little ghouls!


We have crafted the gown in stunning and bat silk satin which is adorned with delicious silver bats, withes and cats!

Can't get much more spooky that that huh?

Dress is fully tailored with a beautiful fitted bodice and a flared skirting with full trim.

We have added a bow of deadly black organza at the waist.

Dress is fully lined and fastens with a back zip.


Made to Order only in Ages Newborn - 5 Years; we can also create this gown for adults and older children, please email us for details.

Witching Hour Spooky Party Dress

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