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So, you've been invited to Drac's Ball up in his Creepy Castle.....

But *shock* *horror* *shriek*.... you just don't have a thing to wear!


I mean, c'mon....what's a Ghoul to do?


Well, never fear.....the House of Goth have saved the night!

You WILL go to the Ball; You WILL be a Coffin-Banger........and you will have your wicked way with Drac!


May we present to you, our spooktacular. blood-curdling Vampire Groupie Ghoul's all you need to be the Belle of Castle Dracula!


Hand crafted using opulent shot taffeta, this skirt catches the light (and catches Drac's eye) as you glide under the moonlight.

It has a beautiful tailored waistband, with a rock 'n' roll inspired skirt with four box pleats at the waist.

It is fully lined, and has a frill of deeply shiny black PVC, and a frill of black dress net attached to the petticoat.

Available in Wine, Red, Green.


But of course, My will need your trusted Bats with you up in that haunted castle. So we have imortalised them on your skirt - Boris, Bela and Elsa will dance with you as you shimmy around the Graveyard......


Made to Order only in Standard UK sizes 6 - 34 or custom made to measure.

'Vampire Groupie Ghoul'Gothic Bat Skirt

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