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Imagine a world where there were two E.Scissorhands!

Now, just imagine if the "other" one was Edwards twin sister.......but was actually WICKED!

So  wicked, that she was banished forever.


We have imagined just that!

And created with our own fair hands the "Evil Twin of Edward Scissorhands Dress" for misunderstood little girls!


Hand crafted in the softest faux leather fabric, the dress has a stunning fitted bodice adorned with straps, studs and buckles. The skirting is full and gathered. We have skillfully crafted the cutest puff sleeves to complete the look of a deranged little ghoul!

Dress is fully lined (apart from sleeves), with a gorgeous net frill on the lining.

Perfect for you homicidal little maniac!


Made to order only in standard ages 2 - 7 or made to measure.


We can also create this gown for adults, including Drag Queens (whom we simply ADORE working with)! Message us with your requirements.

The Wicked Twin of Edward Scissorhands Dress

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