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When you're the Mistress of a very important person you need to look your best at all times... or at least try!

And the Mistress Barnum really knows how to look her best.

You see... this stunning Lady has the blackest heart imagineable.

And all because her beauty depends on the life of others...well their blood!

Mistress Barnum is a Vampire. But not like those normal vampires.

Mistress Barnum slices the delicate white necks of her food...err... we mean victims!

But where does she keep her deadly knife we hear you ask?

Well now.. like any Lady about Town she carries a beautiful little bag, and within that bag are her killing tools! The sharpest dagger ever made is held in within the debths of The Mistress Barnum Purse......waiting to slit the throat of her next delicious meal!


Our cute and classy handbag is hand crafted in stunning striped fabric and is fully lined. We hand stitch the bag to the beautiful ornate clutch and handle. 

Finally we trim the bag with a flirty black fringe.

And voila! You have the perfect bag to keep your possessions safe .... and hidden!


Bag measures approx 12inches from top of handle, but can be made wider and longer if desired. Just ask us!


Made to order only.


The Mistress Barnum Purse/Handbag

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