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We have met a fair few Pin Up Girlies in our we are sure you all have!

But we have never, ever in thel ife of the Dark Lord Himself, met one quite like Ruby Blood!


Ruby was born, you guessed it, under a blood red moon deep in the Forests of Hell.

Her mother was the most beautiful Princess in the Land of The Dark & Deadly... and her, no one seems to know who he was. But rumour has it, he was the Devil.


And so Ruby grew and as a young woman left the safetly of the Forests of Hell to make her life in the wonderful City of Angels.

Well.... let's face it... with a name like Ruby Blood, you're sure to get along in that place.

And get along she did. Just not in the way normal starlets and Pin Up Girls did.


Ruby discovered that she quite enjoyed a little bit of murdering! A murder here... a murder there... eventually she was murdering folks EVERYWHERE!

And boy! She sure did enjoy herself.

Alas, her fun was not to last and the cops soon caught her...complete with a dagger in some poor soul's heart.

But let's not forget that Ruby had a famous father... and we all know how handy that comes in don't we?

So Ruby left the Court a free woman... or demon, whichever you choose!

And whenever someone is found with a dagger in the heart the Legend of Ruby Blood comes alive yet again!


Our Ruby Blood skirt is hand crafted in the most silky soft stretch crushed velvet.

It is tight fitting, and falls to just above the knee.

We have given it a waistband of black/white striped fabric and a beautiful ribbon and bow...complete with a ruby red button.

The hemline has a flirty frill in black/white striped fabric.

Back zip fastening.


Available in Red, Black, White, Purple, Lime Green, Pale Pink


Made to Order only in UK Standard Sizes 6 - 32, or Made to Measure (no extra cost).

We do NOT charge extra for larger sizes.


'The Legend of Ruby Blood' Pin Up Girl Skirt

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