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They do say that green is the colour of envy....

However we say it is the colour of EVIL!

Have you ever known anyone who had green skin to be nice? If so please let us know!


So now, let us introduce yo to the Witch of The West.

She has green skin; a beautiful shade of emerald. She positively glows.

Glows with WICKEDNESS!


We heard that her mother couldn't think of a name to match her evil beauty so named her Witch -   because she KNEW her baby daughter was destined to cause havoc and trouble!

And as she grew up that gal raised Hell....... we hear even the Dark Lord himself would quake in his boots at the mention of her name.....


Our Witch of The West Cape is a pretty stunning huh?

Inspired by the great beauty herself....Elphaba Thropp.

We have hand crafted it in the softest black faux leather, with a wiked lining of emerald green with black lace.

Available in short, knee and calf length.


Made to order in standard sizes 6 - 32 or made to measure at no extra charge.

We can also create this for children..please email us with your requirements.




The Witch of The West Faux Leather Cape

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