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She's creepy and she's kooky... 

She's mysterious and spooky..

She's altogether ooky.....


Come now... we all know for a fact whom we are talking about don't we?

Yes.. the ultimate Femme Fatale..

The one and only...

The delicious..

The delightful...

The deadly dangerous..


The ultimate Mistress of the Macabre...

Morticia Addams!


We wish a warm welcome to the deadly family at the House of Goth...the Queen of Goth herself....Morticia!

We have granted your wishes and many requests for a devilishly stunning Morticia Gown.

We never disappoint.. and here she is!


Fabric: Stretch crushed velvet, stretch velvet, stretch lining and dress net/tulle.

Style:Figure hugging; hobble; floor length.

Sleeves: Long with lace overlay and tendrils.

Colour: All Black (other colours on request)

Sizes: UK size 6 - 34 or Made to Measure . No extra charges for plus sizes.

Made to Order Only.


We have granted your wishes... you shall be Morticia Addams and go to the Hallowe'en Ball.

Add to your coffin and order NOW! We will take care of the rest.

Make sure to check out all our other designs and costumes.

Questions? email us - we promise not to bite....  :):




Morticia Addams Couture Gown

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