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Well now.. we all know about  Little Miss Antichrist don't we?

Guess what Ghouls???

She has a mother!

And what a mother she is!


Madame Antichrist is the most Devilishly Divine Dress this side of Hell.

And come on Ladies... she needs to dress THE PART! Doesn't she?


We have created our stunning Madame Antichrist in the deadliest black cotton blend fabric, and inspired by God himself - Mr Manson- we have added a divine Peter Pan collar and Kipper Tie.

The gown is fully fitted in order to hug your body perfectly - the tighter the better huh ladies?

We have added a cute deep frill at the hemline which also has netting .

And just take a look at those evil red button at the waist!


This gown is just breathtaking, and if you like we can also add the Manson shock sign on the tie in ultimate tribute to the beautiful man himself!


Fully Lined with contrast zip fastening.


Made to Order Only in UK sizes 6 - 34 or Made To Measure at no extra cost.


Questions? Please email us. We might Bite... but that just adds to the enjoyment.....


Madame Anti-Christ Gown

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