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A long time ago in a dark and twisted land there lived a deadly and malicious Queen.

She ruled her land with venom and fear; murdering anyone who set foot in her kingdom.

You see, Lucretia was Undead... and she ruled the land of The Undead.

And anyone with a pulse who entered her land...well, they ended up without a pulse!

We won't go into the barbaric way of which those poor innocent souls were killed, but what we can say is that Lucretia enoyed a good "human" banquet afterwards!

Her favourite words?

"Let the feast begin...."


To honour Queen Lucretia we have designed a stunning Deathrock style post-punk dress, inspired by the decadence of the 1980s.

The bodice is finely crafted in beautiful soft and silky black velvet. 

We have given it a low waistline, which is adorned with a faux leather trim which has stunning silver black triangle studs attached. Silver chains are then attached via silver d-rings.

The skirting is gathered and shaped in a pixie style; consisting of an overlayer of floaty black chiffon and a lining in silky black.

To complete this dress we have added elbow length sleeves in beautiful black fishnet.

A prefect Punk Rock Dress!


Made to order only in UK sizes 6-32 or made to measure at no extra charge.

Questions? Please contact us.

Lucretia - "Queen of The Undead" Deathrock Punk Dress

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