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Dear Little Leonora.
She had no clue who her father was.
She didn't realise that those devilish ideas of hers were because she was the daughter of Lucifer himself!

She was a cute little girl, with deadly black hair, and wthe whitest skin imaginable.
In another paralell universe she was, funnily enough, known as Snow White......
But here, on the dark side, she was known as Little Leonora the Devil's Child.
She would skip down the lane to the local cemetary, with her little black cat beside her, to play with the unfortunate souls of those she put there!
Do you want to be friends with Little Leonora?


Our Little Leonora Coat is perfect to keep the chill out of your little devil in winter.
Handmade in soft fleece fabric, it is fully tailored and fully lined.

We have trimmed it with creepy ric-rac, and edged the hemline with monster fur.
The back falls longer than the front, giving a vintage Victorian look to it.
This is one very stylish and wicked coat!

Available in a variety of colours. Just ask!

Made to Order only in Ages 4 to 8 Years or Made to Measure at no Extra Cost.

Little Leonora The Devil's Child Victorian Style Coat

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