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Good ol' Mary Shelley - she gave us the tale of a man-made-man!

And let's not forget that fine and dandy Frank-n-Furter... the stunner who gave us Rocky - another man-made-man!


But here in the House of Goth, we have given you a little something more delicate and special.

We proudly present our Little Monster Party Gown - created especially for ghoulish little girls.

Based on a long ago local legend...a legend of a grieving mother who was desperate to replace her deceased infant daughter.

Folklore has it that during a dark stormy night, as  the wind whistled around the gravestones, a young mother was frantically searching for a grave. A grave, when found she exhumed!

Rushing to her home and using her magikical spellbook, the mother then resurrected her infant daughter.

Of course not all was as it seemed; there was no Happy Ever After and the little girl was now officially a Little Monster!

And we know what Monster's do don't we.....?


Made in beautiful lime green cotton blend fabric the gown is fully tailored and fitted.

We have embroidered black "Frankenstein" stitches at the waist and arm cuffs, and sewn a creepy black heart on the chest.

The dress is fully lined and fastens in the back via a zip.


Made to Order only in standard ages Newborn - 5 years or made to measure.


We can also make this gown for adults.


Questions? Please email us...we don't always bite!


*Little Horror* Gothic Frankenstein Dress

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