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I'm every nightmare you've ever had. 
I'm your worst dream come true. 
I'm everything you ever were afraid of.

How spooktacular is our Lady Pennywise Dress? Perfect for all you ghoulish chicks who want to clown around this Hallowe'en.....

Gown is made to order to fit your measurements or in standard UK sizes 6-34, and is hand crafted in a beautiful and soft cotton blend, with a silky lining.
The bodice is fully sculptured with pleats and a stunning form fitting waistband. 
The sleeves are absolutely amazing, with a double "puff" and pleated forearms.
We have added a frill in cotton and muslin.
Neckline is pretty good huh?
We have made a beautiful ruff from many layers of white muslin.

Attached to the bodice is a pretty cute puffball skirt made in gathered cotton blend fabric.

Gown fastens in the back via a long zip.

There is a LOT of work goes into this costume, which is reflected in the price. 
All of our garments are handmade to order in our home studio by Sharon Goth. 

Lady Pennywise The Dancing Clown Costume

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