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The next time you think your little boy is being a total 'monster', take a thought for the parents of little Frankie Stein!

You see, Mr & Mrs Stein are just your normal, everday couple who went to the hospital with the expectations of having a normal, everday baby boy...

But, lo and behold, they somehow managed to get little Frankie!


Frankie's complexion just doesn't match those of his parents... their rosey cheeks and summer glow is in stark contrast to Frankie's sallow green tinge.....whilst their California blonde locks don't seem to have passed down to Frankie. His are jet black!

And his eyes have a strange red glow....very unlike the sky blue of his parents.


They often wonder if there was a mix up at the hospital, and they have someone else's baby!


But nevertheless, the Stein's love their little boy (or monster as they affectionatley call him). Even when he brings hungry rats into the house, and collects spiders as freinds.

Let's face it. He is just a little....different!


Our Frankie-Baby Monster Romper Suit is just perfect for your little monster...we mean baby....for trips to the park, or to see Grandma!

We have hand crafted it in beautifull and deadly black cotton fabric, which we have trimmed in a striking contrast colour (choice of Lime Green, Red, White, Pale Blue ir Yellow),

We have hand embroidered stitch marks in the style of Frankenstein's Monster... and how pretty does it look???

Romper is fully lined, and fastens with a back zip.

The crotch area also fastens with velcro.


Made to Order only from Newborn to 12 months - in UK Standard Sizes or Made to Measure.

Frankie-Baby Monster Romper Suit

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