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You do know that Clown's aren't just for Hallowe'en right?

Yes.. the thing is - Clowns are for life; if one takes a shine to you then you belong to it for the rest of your life. Simple as that!

And if the clown is anything like that lovable old rogue Pennywise... that life won't really be very long.

We all know that Mr.P likes to bump his victims off pretty quickly don't we........


How dangerously cute is our beautifully tailored Pennywise Dress - created for devilishly deadly little girls ONLY! 

This dress is the perfect costume for your deranged little bundle of laughs. 

Hand crafted to order to the highest standard in our dark and haunted basement studio.


Fabric - Polycotton outer. Silky poly lining. Chiffon ruffles.


Style - Fitted bodice, sleeves with gathered full skirting.


Colour - Pale Grey with white and red trim.


Size - Standard Age 1 year through 8 years or Made to Measure 


Order now for the perfect Hallowe'en!


Questions? Please email us - we don't always bite......


Deadly and Demented Pennywise The Dancing Clown Costume Dress for Little Girls

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