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You do realise that Harley Quinn was once just a little innocent and sweet baby right?

Yeah.... same here! We didn't either!

But it seems that she was.... but eve nthen that streak of pure evil genuis crossed with murderous psychopathy was there.

No wonder her father always called her....Daddy's Little Monster eh?!?


Can we all agree that our psycho-spooky little party dress is simply perfect!

Perfect for that murderous little bundle of bloodbath and murder you call a daughter that is......

We have hand crafted this gown in red and black cotton fabrics with a trim of delicate and sheer white chiffon - a little bit of Angel with a hell of a lot of Demon!


Made to Order only in UK Ages 6 months to 5 years or made to measure.

**Also available in Adult Sizing**

Daddy's Little Monster- Classic Harley Quinn Party Dress

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