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We all know the tale of Bella and The Bat now don't we?

No? You have never heard it?

Well then, let us entertain you....


Bella was an angelic child - in the way that she had bright blonde hair, sunkissed skin and a sweet nature. Everyone love Bella.

That is until Bella met a Bat.

In the Graveyard.

At Night.


No one knows how she came to be in the graveyard in the dead of night.. .but what they do know is that she came home very different!

The next morning she woke and her hair was jet black, her skin the colour of snow and well you can guess the shade of her lips right?

Hanging above her bed was a huge black bat.


Bella could no longer leave the house during the day; her time of play was now during the midnight hour, and she would only speak to her beloved black bat.

Who knows what they got up to in those hours of darkness.....


How cute is our Bella and The Bat Gown?

We have hand crafted it in a spooky orange tulle fabric, which is adorned with shiny black bats. 

A beautiful organza waistband is decorated with delicate faceted orange buttons.

Dress is fully lined and fastens via a zip in the back.


Made to Order only from age Newborn to 5 years, or made to measure at no  extra cost.


We can also make an adult and older child version of this dress; please email us for details and requirements.

Bella and The Bat Gothic Dress

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