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We all know the story of Elphaba Thropp don't we???

Well contrary to popular belief, Elphaba was born Wicked!

Yes, from her very first gasp of pure fresh air, that little ghoul knew she was destined to cause havoc wherever she went.

As soon as she could chose her own clothes, she was picking out the dark and deadly blacks, along with the evil greens of envy!

Rumour has it she had a pointed hat by the time she was a year old....and not only that her first words were a curse!

Oh dear.....poor little Elphaba just didn't have a chance. At being a good girl!


Our spooky little dress and cape is in ultimate tribute to the legend of Baba Elphaba.

We have carefully crafted this beautiful tailored dress and cape using deep black polycottom fabric.

The dress is trimmed with evil green dress net (as is the underskirt), and adorned with magikal emerald buttons.

Both dress and cape are fully lined.

Dress fastens in the back with a black zip.


NOTE* We also offer this gown in black/red, black/purple and black/white.


Made to order only in standard UK Newborn to 5 years old.

Also custom made to measure.


We can also adapt this gown for adults. Please email us for details.


Baba Elphaba The Teeny Witch Dress & Cape

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