In the North of England, the west coast to be exact, there is a small town called Workington.

In this small town there lived a Goth; this goth loved dressing up!

However, she could never seem to find things which fit perfectly or made her feel beautiful and unique.


One day, whilst her mother was searching in an old cupboard, a dusty old Singer sewing machine was found. It was one of those old creaky ones which was hand operated. This sewing machine had been given to the Goth many, many years earlier during her childhood by her step-mother Pauline, who had also given her a few lessons in sewing.

Dragging it out from the depths of the dark cupboard, and brushing away the spider carcasses and webs it was discovered that the old machine still worked!


And lo and behold, the Goth found that she had a natural talent for sewing and first merely creating unique and theatrical designs for herself.

In time, after being complimented on her clothing....usually in various bars and clubs in England and Scotland.....the Goth decided that she would try her hand at maybe selling a couple of her designs on eBay.

Goths from all over the world went crazy for her designs!


Then came the name....'Madame Le Goth' was born in the year 2000 when a work colleague jokingly called the Goth it.

Madame Le Goth has so far created garments for clients from every corner of the world, designed costumes for movies & stage, appeared in a number of magazines & publications, worked with some of the worlds top gothic & alternative models, and has even been imortalised in a novel!

Not bad for a Goth from a small town eh?


The label is now called House of Goth, and Madame Le Goth will now be known just as Sharon Goth (but will always be Madame Le Goth!)...


The designs will continue to be fabulous, stunning, creepy and theatrical!


  Inside the House of Goth

Sharon Goth currently lives in an old (supposedly haunted) house in her hometown, with her partner Paul, her 3 children and a collection of cats.


You can follow House of Goth and be part of Sharon's spooky, crazy world in the follwing ways: